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MARBLES - A Short Film About Losing Your Mind

If you haven't heard of it, the Boring Room Challenge is the task of taking a boring room and filming and interesting short using a bland room that would typically be boring (hence the name of the challenge). Our crew had a large classroom and access to professional industry equipment. This is what we came up with. 

Cast & Crew: Actor: Dylan Santos, Director: Noah Towe, Producer: A.J. Orr Director of Photography: A.J. Orr, Camera Operator: A.J. Orr, Assistant Camera: Alex Winbush, Gaffer: Alec Wisdom, Grips: Cierra Simpson, Alex Winbush, Slate: Cierra Simpson, Sound Design: Alec Wisdom, A.J. Orr, Dylan Santos, Sound Mixing: Alec Wisdom, Film Editor: A.J. Orr.

Camera: Canon C500, Lenses: Bower 85mm & Bower 8mm fisheye, Lights: Consisted of two LED panel lights at 3200k tungsten light, diffused with a silk flag. Edited on Final Cut Pro X, Color Corrected with DaVinci Resolve, Sound Mixed with ProTools.

The Newest Original Short Film Written & Directed by A.J. Orr